Find answers about Coronavirus

About COVID-19

Get an overview of COVID-19, what it is, how it spreads, and whether it impacts food and medicine.

Symptoms and treatment

Understand the symptoms of COVID-19, available testing and treatment, as well as vaccine development.

Protect yourself and others

Reduce your chance of getting infected, including when to wear masks, how to disinfect, and how COVID-19 impacts your pets and other animals.

Family care

Take care of your family, stay safe during pregnancy, and keep infants, toddlers, and children healthy. Keep the elderly and those with underlying conditions safe.

Going out in public

Learn what you need to know to be safe if you go out, including for daily errands, events, or gatherings, work, and travel.

Economic support

Learn about resources that may be available to support you, including financial help, SNAP food benefits, school meals, housing assistance, and support for small businesses.