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Should I take chloroquine phosphate used to treat disease in aquarium fish to prevent or treat COVID-19?

No. Products marketed for veterinary use, “for research only,” or otherwise not for human consumption have not been evaluated for safety or effectiveness and should never be used by humans. FDA is aware that chloroquine phosphate is marketed to treat disease in aquarium fish, but these products have not been evaluated by FDA to determine if they are safe, effective, properly manufactured, and adequately labeled. The agency continues to work with online marketplaces to remove these items, and many have been removed based on these efforts. Patients should not take any form of chloroquine unless it has been prescribed by a licensed health care provider. Chloroquine products also should not be given to pets or livestock unless prescribed by a veterinarian.

Last updated October 15, 2020
Source: U.S. Food & Drug Administrationlinks to external site

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